Rachel Hawkes

Yr 5 French Summer Term

There is a PowerPoint resource for each lesson. In Yr 5 we anticipate that pupils will have a weekly lesson of between 30-40 minutes. Equally important, however, are the few minutes spent every day re-capping the language learnt each week. This is done with the Class 5 teacher. Suggestions for different activities are included in the Resources column.

Teachers adapt these master copies to suit their classes but ensure that they cover the language and skills as shown on the Scheme of Work.

Summer Term
Week Objective Language (core content) Resources NC PoS ICU Follow up
To extend the range of language to give levels of like / dislike. Revision of likes / dislikes
J'aime, Je n'aime pas, J'adore, Je déteste
Focus on using verbs of opinion with nouns/accurate gender
Lesson 22
Lesson 22 (with audio)
Lesson 23
Lesson 23 (with audio)
S1(b), S2, G2    
To identify different types of music and give likes / dislikes Different types of music
Giving opinions of different types of music

in my opinion
(I think that)
Lesson 24
Lesson 24 (with audio)
L1, S1(b)   Booklet p.40
To look up new nouns to check for meaning using an online dictionary. Saying what instruments you hear
Identifying French words for instruments

un clavier, un saxophone, une guitare (classique/électrique), une trompette, une flûte (à bec), une batterie
Referring to a dictionary (3)
Lesson 25
Lesson 25 (with audio)
L1, R3, L5   Booklet p.41
To practise decoding by matching animals and instruments. L'orchestre des animaux Lesson 26
Lesson 26 (with audio)
S1(b), S2    
To ask and answer 'Do you know how to play...?' Asking & saying which instrument you play
Tu sais jouer du / de la ...?
Oui, je sais jouer / Non, je ne sais pas jouer...
Lesson 27
Lesson 27 (with audio)
Lesson 27 survey
L1, L2, S1(b), S2, R1, R2, R3, R4    
To revise the pronouns.
To learn the 6 verb endings for JOUER, a regular -ER verb.
To learn to use the verb 'JOUER' [to play]
Je joue, tu joues, il/elle joue, nous jouons, vous jouez, ils/elles jouent
Lesson 28
Lesson 28 (with audio)
Snap cards activity
    Booklet p.39 & p.42
To learn some new adjectives Learning to give reasons with 'parce que'
(quiet / noisy)
(exciting / boring)
(fun / serious)
(traditional / modern)
Lesson 29
Lesson 29 (with audio)
Adjective cards
L1, L2, R1, R3    
To use adjectives to give reasons for liking / disliking music or instruments Learning to give reasons with 'parce que'
(Do you like?)
(Why do you like...?)
Parce que c'est + adjective (masc. / fem. ending)
Lesson 30
Lesson 30 (with audio)
L1, L2, S1(a), S1 (b), S2, S3   Booklet p.43
To practise dialogues asking / answers questions about music and instruments Interviews about music Lesson 31
Lesson 31 (with audio)
L1, L2, S1(a), S1 (b), S2, S3    
To use language learnt for a new purpose Creating own song/rap Lesson 32
Lesson 32 (with audio)
W2, W3, R5    
  Creating own song/rap   W2, W3, R5    
To develop confidence in performance and develop memory skills. Performing Lesson 33
Lesson 33 (with audio)
S1 (b), S3    
To practise evaluating own and others' performances and giving feedback. Performing   S1 (b), S3