Rachel Hawkes

Teaching and learning

These are some of the presentations I have given on different aspects of teaching and learning languages that continue to interest me.

Hampshire - 22 June 2018

Session 1: Seeing the wood and the trees (PPT)
Session 2: Developing all skills (PPT)



East Riding - 20 June 2018

Session 1: Motivating Talk (PPT)
Session 2: Developing all skills (PPT)
Session 3: Language Learning (PPT)
Session 4: Language and Literacy (PPT)


ALL London - 16 June 2018

Seeing the wood and the trees (PPT)


Norwich - 15 June 2018

Keynote: Memory (PPT)
Memory handout (pdf)
Keynote: Developing speaking & writing (PPT)
Speaking handouts (PPT)
Writing handouts (Zipped folder)


Durham - April 2018

What's their motivation? (PPT)


Austria - April 2018

Memory Keynote (PPT)
1a: From rehearsal to spontaneity (PPT)
1a: Handouts (pdf)
1b: Tell me a story! (PPT)
1b: Handouts (pdf)
2a: Keep it real (PPT)
2a: Handouts (pdf)
2b: What's in the news? (PPT)
2b: Handouts (pdf)


ALL SW - Bristol February 2017

Progress - Keynote (PPT)
Speaking @ KS3 & KS4 (PPT)


ALL Yorkshire - Sheffield January 2017

Making the Weather (PPT)


ALLNE - November 2016

All the Ps - ALLNE (PPT)


Clacton - November 2016

All the Ps - Clacton 2016 (PPT)


Language Show Live 2016

Integration, integration, integration (PPT)


Language Show Live 2016

Not one or the other but both (PPT)


Sheffield - February 2016

Sheffield 2016
Developing memory skills in language learning (PPT)


Stoke - June 2015

KS3 Assessment 2015 (PPT)
Handout 1: Sample baseline assessment (pdf)
Handout 2: Y7 Languages Investigations (pdf)
Handout 3: Assessing progress @ KS2&3 (pdf)
Handout 4: Languages Steps Assessment Framework (pdf)


Language World 2015

Language World 2015
Memory and Thought (PPT)


Ampleforth College - March 2015

Keynote (PPT)


Outstanding Teaching & Learning
North Lincolnshire Education Consortium

Outstanding T&L
April 2014 - presentation 1 (PPT)
April 2014 - presentation 2 (PPT)
Differentiation Handout (pdf)
Outstanding T&L Handouts (pdf)
Quizlet Handout (pdf)
Reflection & Action Planning (pdf)


Alternative approaches to
teaching key language

Alternate Approaches
Alternative approaches (KS3/4) (PPT)


Joined Up!
ALL event June 2013

ALL - June 2013
Joined Up! (PPT)


Language & literacy - Sir John Cass

Sir John Cass
Sir John Cass - Literacy In Languages (PPT)


Blurring the boundaries

Blurring the boundaries
Blurring The Boundaries - Language Show 2012 (PPT)


Language & literacy - Piggott

Language & literacy for all
Literacy In Languages (PPT)


Grammar from the Start

Grammar from the Start
Grammar From The Start 1: Phonics (PPT)
Grammar From The Start 2: Making It Memorable (PPT)
Grammar From The Start 3: Gender (PPT)
Grammar From The Start 4: Sentences/Creativity/Autonomy (PPT)


Using Authentic Materials

Challenge and Choice
Challenge & Choice Pt1 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt2 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt3 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt4 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt5 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt6 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt7 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt8 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt9 (PPT)
Challenge & Choice Pt10 (PPT)


Keep the plates spinning

Plates spinning
ALL June Event 2012 (PPT)


Languages and film

Languages & Film - Language Show 2011 (PPT)


Vocabulary learning

Vocabulary Session
Vocabulary Session (PPT)


Talking heads

Speaking & Listening
Speaking and Listening (PPT)



Phonics (pdf)


Skills-based teaching

Skills-based teaching
Skills-based teaching (pdf)


Using song

Using song
Using song, music rhythm and movement (pdf)


Spanish Phonics Activities

Spanish Phonics
Phonics Activities in Spanish (pdf)



Skills-building (pdf)



Singing presentation (pdf)
Handout (pdf)


10 Ideas Today

10 ideas
10 ideas today that you can use tomorrow (pdf)


Memory matters

Memory (pdf)


Teaching grammar

Grammar (pdf)


VAK all the way

VAK (pdf)


Lluvia de ideas

Lluvia de idea
Lluvia de ideas (pdf)


Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri (pdf)


Thinking about thinking

Thinking Skills
Thinking about Thinking Skills (pdf)


Medley of memorable materials

A medley of memorable materials (PPT)


Creativity Talks

Creativity Talks at Gosforth
Creativity Talks - Newcastle July 2011 (PPT)


Here are presentations I made at Queen's University in Belfast:


Session1 Part1 Introduction & Pronunciation (PPT)
Session1 Part1 2 Memory (PPT)
Session1 Part1 3 Sentence Building (PPT)
Session1 Part1 4 Content Age-appropriate (PPT)
Session1 Part1 5 Content Inter-Cultural (PPT)
Session1 Part1 6 Content Cross-curriculum (PPT)
Session1 Part1 7 Content Drama (PPT)
Session1 Part1 8 Content Film & Technology (PPT)


KS3 Session Part2 (PPT)


KS4 Session (PPT)


GCSE Controlled Assessment (PPT)


Teacher Handouts (pdf)
Ideas Irish Phonics (Word)
La Cenicienta (Word)


Britain needs foreign language skills 2009 (PPT)


Inventory TalkIdeas 1-30 (pdf)
Inventory Writing Ideas (pdf)
TES Dictionary Skills Collection (Word)
School Questions Randomizer (PPT)


Behaviour for Learning (PPT)
Teaching & Learning Bulletin September 2011 (Word)