Rachel Hawkes

KS2 Languages

These primary schemes of work (including resources), created for the Cam Academy Trust schools, are freely available for any teachers to download, adapt and use with their classes.

You will find the full SOW and resources on these links.

Y3/4 French: Autumn Spring Summer
Y5/6 French: Autumn Spring Summer
Y3/4 Spanish: Autumn Spring Summer
Y5/6 Spanish: Autumn Spring Summer
Y3/4 German: Autumn Spring Summer
Y5/6 German: Autumn Spring Summer

The French materials were a collaboration between Dr Marie-Odile Guillou and me. The Spanish lesson materials were created by Paula Vázquez-Valero, SLE at Comberton Village College and me. The German SOW was written by me, and the resources created by Dr Heike Krüsemann, Helen Gass, Charlotte Moss, Jasmin Silver, Dr Rowena Kasprowicz and me. All three SOW are being used as part of a 4-year longitudinal study of new language development in primary schools in England, led by Dr Rowena Kasprowicz at the University of Reading.

The SOW draw on key recommendations from the pedagogy review and the Ofsted languages research report, which highlight the three key knowledge strands phonics, vocabulary, and grammar. They also exploit everyday and rich cultural contexts to build confident communication in the new language.

The lessons are informed by the LDP KS3 SOW and resources. See here for more information and CPD opportunities.

These SOW and resources were created for use by primary teachers with and without prior expertise in the language. There are two versions of every resource; one fully audio’ d version to support confident classroom delivery.

All resources are licensed as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Before using the SOW, please refer to the ReadMe, which has further detail about this curriculum, the supported versions of the resources, and the conditions of the licence.