Rachel Hawkes

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

There are many models of CLIL, and in England at the moment they seem to be:

  1. 'Integrated' or 'embedded' learning: primary children practising/using elements of the TL in a number of different contexts during the school week
  2. Meanings that matter: choosing engaging, age-appropriate topics as vehicles for language learning, drawing on content and/or activities used in other subjects, in some cases linking with work pupils are doing elsewhere
  3. Bilingual or immersion learning: teaching a subject in a way that involves learning another language, in addition to pupils having 'normal' language lessons.

This series of CLIL presentations are two-hour twilight sessions that form a CLIL series exploring different models of CLIL, from our current model, where harnessing interesting content and ways of working from other curriculum subjects such as art, music, geography and history, English, drama and ICT has enriched the Year 7 languages curriculum at Comberton and provides well for transition from KS2, to fuller immersion models of CLIL teaching like that at Tile Hill Wood School in Coventry. Download an overview of the 5 CLIL sessions.

You can find some CLIL lesson materials on the CLIL page in the resources section of the site.

High 5 CLIL Session 1

CLIL Session 1
High 5 CLIL Series Session 1 (pdf)
CLIL National Guidelines (pdf)
CLIL weblinks (Word)

High 5 CLIL Session 2

CLIL Session 2
High 5 CLIL Series Session 2 (pdf)