Rachel Hawkes

Spelling Bee

Year 7 National Spelling Bee – French, German and Spanish

This project is supported by Routes into Languages. It began as a regional competition supported by Routes into Languages East, but has been so successful there is now a national final stage of the competition. Go to the website (http://www.flsb.co.uk/) to find out more.

The competition involves all of Year 7 to start off with and schools can choose just to do the ‘in-class’ and ‘in-school’ phases if they wish, or to take it on to the regional final (and maybe national final) stage.

Thank you to Jane Driver from Queen Katherine Academy, and Sarah Schechter from Routes who brought this idea to life and made it happen! It’s one that really has the power to motivate – the standard of the Y7 students in the final was excellent in the first year of the competition.

Get in touch with your local Routes into Languages centre if you want to participate this year!

Spelling Bee Website