LDP Resources 2.0

You will find the revised resources on these links. The missing links will become live as soon as possible.

Year 7 French Year 7 German Year 7 Spanish
Year 8 French Year 8 German Year 8 Spanish
Year 9 French Year 9 German Year 9 Spanish

These teacher-created, research-informed resources are a revised version of the original versions still available here: resources.ldpedagogy.org/.

Revisions were informed by teachers who have been using the resources for 1-4 years, are currently ongoing and will be rolled out during this academic year, ahead of teaching. This README has detail about the revisions.

These 2.0 versions owe much to the original National Centre of Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP) team of resource creators, teachers, and researchers, including Professor Emma Marsden, Dr Inge Alferink, Nick Avery, Louise Bibbey, Louise Caruso, Dr Amber Dudley, Dr Natalie Finlayson, Dr Rachel Hawkes, Victoria Hobson, Amanda Izquierdo, Dr Heike Krüsemann, Cath Morris, Charlotte Moss, Stephen Owen, Catherine Salkeld, Kirsten Somerville, Dr Peter Watson, and research collaborators Dr. Rowena Kasprowicz, Dr. Robert Woore, Prof. Suzanne Graham. When time permits, these resources will be re-located alongside the initial versions.