Rachel Hawkes

Yr 6 Spanish

We teach Spanish to all pupils throughout KS2. It is the first foreign language pupils learn.

I include here the planning documents that accompany our Yr 6 curriculum, as well as all of the lesson resources.

Scheme of Work Planning Document - KS2 Y6 study booklet (pdf)  
Y6 study booklet (editable PPT) Classroom language list for teachers  

Here is the Spanish overview with a list of content (vocabulary and structures), skills and main task types and ways of working - follow the term links to get to the lesson resources.

Autumn Term

Pupils begin this unit by learning to describe the weather.  They then move on to revising colours (with adjectival agreement) with common nouns and then the flags of a few familiar countries. They also learn how to express what each country is famous for, paying attention to the number and gender of the nouns they are using. There follows a focus on Spain and some of the key features of the country. Attention is paid to forming plurals of nouns and using the adjective ‘mucho’ (lots of). Pupils are also encouraged to use ‘hay’ (there is/are) which they have met previously. Then pupils look at key cities and their location in Spain, using the points of the compass and key geographical features to locate them on a map. They recycle how to say what somewhere is famous for using the key cities they have been introduced to. They learn vocabulary for places in the town and are then invited to work independently to describe photos (making use of a word list provided) and give their opinions on them.
Spring Term

Pupils are treated to a summary of the features of the main festivals in Spain and encouraged to recognise questions, matching them to appropriate answers provided, and eventually to describe a festival in the UK if they can.
Following on from this, learners  extend their learning to the theme of holidays. They research holiday destinations in Spanish-speaking countries and apply the language they know to describe holiday pictures and write holiday postcards. 
Summer Term

We recognise that Yr 6 is a particularly full year, and that the pressures of assessments in Literacy and Numeracy often make it difficult to devote as much time to Spanish at various points in the year. In addition, there are other calls on Yr 6 time, including final plays / productions and often residential trips in the summer term. For that reason we have allowed the material from the Spring Term to be spread flexibly across these two terms.