Rachel Hawkes

Yr 7 Spanish

We teach Spanish to all pupils throughout KS3. It is our first language.

I include here the planning documents that accompany our Yr 7 curriculum, as well as all of the lesson resources.

Scheme of work (full version)
Teacher Notes
Teacher Target Language
Y7 Spanish Curriculum Plan
Scheme of Work Weekly Overview
KS3 Spanish Curriculum Plan
Y7 Skills Progress
Y7 NC Levels
Y7 Tick Grid
Y7 Formative Assessment Categories
New Secondary Curriculum PoS Overview (with thanks to Andrea Simpson for this super clear 1-page version) KS3 Y7 Framework Objectives Y7 Spanish Student Booklet
Y7 Spanish Student Booklet (pdf)
Y7,Y8,Y9 Core Language Sheets

Here is the Spanish overview with a list of content (vocabulary and structures), skills and main task types and ways of working - follow the term links to get to the lesson resources.

Autumn Term

Phonics, Pronunciation practice, Cognates, Spanglovision, Pronouns, Classroom Talk, Sentence-Building, Alphabet, Spelling Bee, Memory, Countries, SER, Odd One Out, Group Talk, Nationalities, HABLAR, Languages, Autonomy & using the student booklet, Where you live, VIVIR, Personal ID Revision, Role Play Presentations, Peer-Assessed Speaking, Reading Assessment, Writing Assessment, Dictionary Skills, Describing Places, Find Someone Who, Penfriend letters, Christmas
Spring Term

Classroom Talk, Animals, Definitions, Odd One Out, Group Talk, TENER, adjective endings, colours, Family, Describing a picture, Physical description, Revision, CREATE - active learning, School subjects, GUSTAR, Opinions, Reading skills, Radical-changing verbs (PREFERIR), Telling the time, Timetables, Food & Drink
Summer Term

Describing school, Travel and transport, Logic puzzles, Future Plans (IR + infinitive), Plans for Activities Week, Music Rap Module, Group Talk, Revision, Assessments, Sports & Freetime, GUSTAR + infinitive, Weather