Rachel Hawkes

Renewed Framework

The renewed framework for languages at KS3 offers teachers much that is valuable for planning language learning. The previous framework was sound, but rather unwieldy, and the renewed version outlines skills and linguistic progression in a transparent and succinct way. Its extensive exemplification document is a further valuable tool to help teachers translate learning ideas into learning tasks in the classroom. Its structure follows on clearly from the KS2 framework too, which makes it an excellent transition tool.

The Renewed Framework

Renewed Framework
Renewed Framework (pdf)
Handout 1 - NF quick guide (pdf)
Handout 2 - NF objectives (pdf)
Handout 3 - NF Y7 Objectives at a glance (pdf)
Handout 4 - NF Y8 Objectives at a glance (pdf)
Handout 5 - NF Y9 Objectives at a glance (pdf)
Handout 6 - Film response proforma French (pdf)
Handout 7 - Group Talk routines 7,8,9 (pdf)
Handout 8 - Odd One Out model (pdf)
Handout 9 - Action Planning (pdf)
Core Language - 7,8,9 (PPT)
MFL framework - pdf (pdf)
MFL exemplification glossary (pdf)
MFL exemplification complete (pdf)
MFL Renewed Framework (pdf)
Pos and NF Overview (Excel)
PoS and NF Overview (plain) (Excel)
NSC PoS Audit (Excel)
NSC PoS single page version (thanks to Andrea Simpson) (Word)
Planned to Unplanned Speaking examples (Word)