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CLIL Resources

The Scheme of Work and resources for Year 7 Spanish and Year 9 Spanish on this site are inspired by a CLIL approach to language teaching. In addition to those resources, and as a result of hosting a series of CLIL training sessions at my school for schools in the Eastern region, there has been individual and collaborative writing of CLIL modules of work and this work is set to continue this year.  This page contains work produced so far and will be regularly updated over the next months as more work is written. Please do get in touch if you would like to add your own CLIL materials to this page.

CLIL resources contributed by members of the High 5 CLIL Teacher Group:

French Spanish

French Revolution (Year 9)

written by Noemie Neighbour
Scheme of Work
Vocabulary Guide
Lesson 1 card match
Lesson 1 card match lower ability
Lesson 1 card match answers
Lesson 2 PowerPoint Le Tiers Etat
Lesson 2 Le Tiers Etat
Lesson 3 PowerPoint La noblesse
Lesson 3 La noblesse et le clerge
Lesson 3 Lower ability
Lesson 4 adjectives table
Lesson 4 listening activity
Lesson 5 PowerPoint
Lesson 5 money money money
Lesson 6 PowerPoint une solution
Lesson 6 Il faut trouver une solution
Lesson 7 Listening activity
Lesson 7 Worksheet Pourquoi
Lesson 8 PowerPoint Pourquoi
Lesson 8 Worksheet Past tense
Lesson 8 Complete the article
Lessons 9-10 Worksheet Pourquoi
Lesson 11 PowerPoint La Bastille
Lesson 11 La Bastille Worksheet
Lesson 11 Worksheet lower ability
Lesson 12 La marche sur Versailles
Lesson 12 lower ability
Lesson 13 La declaration des droits de l'homme
Lesson 14 Le roi
Lesson 15 PowerPoint La Guerre
Lesson 15 La Guerre
Lesson 15 La marseillaise
Lesson 16 PowerPoint Le proces de Louis
Lesson 17 Film Project PowerPoint
Lesson 17 Film project

All of the above files for the French Revolution, in a single zip file

El Salvador (Year 8)

written by Marisa Hernandez
El calentamiento global PPT
Lesson Plan

1 Mapa de Latinoamerica
2 El Salvador
3 Preguntas sobre El Salvador
4 Vocabulario para El Salvador
5 Link to CAFOD
6 Maria Marshall Worksheet en Espanol
7 Maria Marshall Worksheet in English
8 Sara's family

12 lesson SOW Ancient Egypt
(Resources to follow)