Rachel Hawkes

CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectivness) through International Communication and Business Enterprise

Explanation of the course

In 2006 we introduced this course as an alternative pathway for students at KS4. Although not recognised as a language qualification, it is award-bearing and can be achieved at Level 1 (E-grade equivalent) or Level 2 (B-grade equivalent). It is a portfolio-based course in which students achieve through a series of challenges and skills units. The skills units are: Improving own learning; Working with others; Problem-solving; Discussion; Oral presentation and Research. The CoPE course need not involve languages at all. Our version, however, involves as much language as possible. Half of the credits for the course are achieved by completing the International Award. In addition, students in most years have taken part in a study trip to Spain as an integrated part of the course. On this page, I've included the key documentation necessary for an understanding of the course and in addition, some learning resources we have used to help students to structure their own Spanish programmes of study.

Planning documents

Course overview
Lesson 1 Introduction
Student Profile document
Progress checklist
CoPE Portfolio contents insert


CoPE Spanish learning challenges
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
24 phrases - audio version
Challenge 3
Challenge 4
Challenge 5
Challenge 6
Challenge 7
Challenge 8
Challenge 9
Challenge 10
Challenge 11
Challenge 12
Challenge 13
Challenge 14
Challenge 15
Challenge 16
Challenge 17
Challenge 18
Challenge 19
Challenge 20
Challenge 21