Rachel Hawkes

The new GCSE

We opted to followed the new (2010) Edexcel GCSE specification, essentially because the format of its oral exam appeared to offer more opportunities for, and recognition of, the ability to manipulate language independently and spontaneously. This is something we are seeking to develop from Yr7 and, athough it presents significantly more challenge than the test of memory that epitomised the previous GCSE oral exam, we believe it is much more in line with how we want to teach languages, and how learners want to learn. Of course it is still early days!

The training sessions below are not specification specfic but look at GCSE in general.

Achieving your best grade - March 2013

Best Grade at GCSE
Session 1: Speaking (PPT)
Session 2: Writing (PPT)
Inventory of Talk Ideas (pdf)
Inventory of Writing Ideas (pdf)


GCSE Speaking - July 2012

GCSE Speaking - 4th July 2012 (PPT)


GCSE Writing - July 2012

GCSE Writing - 4th July 2012 (PPT)


GCSE Listening & Reading - July 2012

GCSE Listening & Reading - 4th July 2012 (PPT)


Strategies for writing at KS4

Writing Strategies
Strategies for writing at KS4 (PPT)
Inventory - Writing ideas - Southend 2011 (pdf)


Success in speaking and writing

Success at GCSE
Speaking & Writing Strategies Presentation (pdf)
Inventory - Talk Ideas (pdf)
Inventory - Writing Ideas (pdf)


Benefits of the new GCSE

Benefits of the new GCSE
The new GCSE (pdf)
Developing talking routines in Spanish (pdf)
Handout 1 - GCSE take-up survey (pdf)
Handout 2 - Edexcel Speaking Markscheme (pdf)
Handout 3 - GCSE Edexcel Travel & Tourism Open Interaction example (pdf)
Handout 4 - Picture-based discussion task (pdf)
Handout 5 - Spanish Picture-based discussion (pdf)
Handout 6 - Audacity instructions (pdf)
Handout 7 - Easi-speak mic instructions (pdf)
Handout 8 - Olympus Digital Voice Recorder instructions (pdf)
Controlled Assessment Marksheet Proforma (with thanks to Rob Simpson)(Excel)


Learning to talk and talking to learn

Talking to Learn
Speaking & Writing Strategies Presentation (pdf)
Inventory - Talk Ideas (pdf)
Reflection & Action Planning (pdf)
Fitness for Purpose (pdf)