Rachel Hawkes

International Talent Evening

An evening to remember!

The motto of this evening is "Haba na haba hujasa kibaba", a Swahili saying that roughly translated means ‘every little helps’! This is an evening we have put on in our Performance Hall each year during the autumn term for the past 3 years. It involves Y7 students who 'reprieve' their Spanglovision songs; performances of songs in different languages from students from several of our partner primary schools; some international dance numbers performed by CVC students; items from our International Choir; a few solo songs; and a selection of readings in languages spoken by students at the school (which, this year, included Polish, Hindi, Italian, German, French, Urdu, Valenciano, Afrikaans and Tagalog). We have a big screen and project the texts from the songs and readings in the language and English.

We offer (for appropriate donations) a range of international buffet food and hold a raffle. In previous years we have held the event to raise money for Amnesty International but this year proceeds went to support our 12 Year 11 Africa volunteers (who will travel out to help in our partner schools in Mozambique and South Africa next summer) and need to fundraise £2,500 each to get there!


I have uploaded several documents useful to anyone wanting to plan a similar event in their schools.

Whole school letter 2010
Programme 2010
Poster 2010
Ticket design 2010
PowerPoint - First Half 2010
PowerPoint - Second Half 2010