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Brighton - Sept 2014

Using phonics (PPT)
Developing speaking (PPT)


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South Cambs Inaugural Event (PPT)
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The pairs of training sessions below were delivered as part of the Primary PGCE course at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University. They were written for non-specialist linguists and contain a wealth of links to online materials in French, German and Spanish, useful for any primary teachers preparing to teach a foreign language to their pupils.

Teaching materials and planning documents can be found in the KS2 part of the resources section of the website.

Primary Languages Session 1 - 2013/14

Primary MFL session 1
Primary Languages Session 1 - Autumn 2013 (PPT)


Primary Languages Session 2 - 2013/14

Primary MFL session 2
Primary Languages Session 2 - Spring 2014 (PPT)
Handouts (PPT)
KS2-KS3 curriculum continuity (PPT)


Primary Languages Session 1 - 2012

Primary MFL session 1
Primary Languages Session 1 - 2012 (PPT)


Primary Languages Session 2 - 2012

Primary MFL session 2
Session 2 Pt 1 (PPT)
Session 2 Pt 2 (PPT)
Session 2 Pt 3 (PPT)
Session 2 Pt 4 (PPT)
Session 2 Pt 5 (PPT)


Further useful material

Introduction to Primary Languages (pdf)
Primary Languages Links (pdf)
Primary Languages - Transition (pdf)
Spanish Teacher Language for the primary classroom (with sounds) (PPT)