Rachel Hawkes

Film project

Language, Camera, Action! Languages on Film - Foreign Film-making Competition for Year 9 students

In 2010 Comberton Village College and Routes into Languages East produced a DVD for teachers detailing Routes into Languages Easthow to run a foreign language film-making project in school. Copies of the DVD were sent free of charge to all 400 schools in the Eastern Region and can now be accessed on the website.

KS3 Film resources

Routes into Languages East commissioned a collection of materials to use with KS3 students. The materials consist of about one hour's pre-teaching for the film and one hour's teaching after watching the film. Series Editor is Rachel Hawkes of Comberton Village College. Visit the Routes into Languages East website to download the materials or below on this page.


Kirikou - PowerPoint session
Kirikou - Song
Kirikou - Student Pack
Kirikou - Teacher Pack
(written by Steph Hopkins)
Neuilly Sa Mere - Pre-film session
Neuilly Sa Mere - Pre-film student guide
Neuilly Sa Mere - Post-film session
Neuilly Sa Mere - Post-film student guide
(written by Angeline Deleplanque and Rachel Hawkes)
Les Choristes - Pre-film Session
Les Choristes - Post-film Session
Les Choristes - Student Guide
Les Choristes - Teacher Pack
(written by Steph Hopkins)

Netto - Pre-film session
Netto - Pre-film student guide
Netto - Post-film session
Netto - Post-film student guide
(written by Leigh McClelland)

Valentin - Pre-film session
Valentin - Pre-film student guide
Valentin - Post-film session
Valentin - Post-film study guide
Voces Inocentes - Pre-film session
Voces Inocentes - Pre-film student guide
Voces Inocentes - Post-film session
Voces Inocentes - Post-film student guide
El misterio del pez - Pre-film session
El misterio del pez - Pre-film student guide
El misterio del pez - Post-film session

El misterio del pez - Post-film student guide