Rachel Hawkes

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) in Spanish

What is it? DfE funded Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) for the academic year 2016-17.

Who is it for? Two groups: existing teachers of other languages/subjects who want to upskill to teach Spanish and native Spanish speakers with little / no UK classroom experience who want to teach Spanish in the UK.

What is the aim of the course? To support teachers in developing their Spanish knowledge, confidence and pedagogy.

The TSST course will be led by Comberton Village College. The course is full for this year, but do look out for 2017-18 when it will run again.

The pedagogy sessions will consist of:

  1. Use of target language
  2. Planning and preparing high-quality Spanish lessons
  3. Teaching Spanish grammar
  4. Differentiation
  5. Using ICT to teach Spanish
  6. Using authentic and literary resources

Day 1

TSST Day 1


Using the Target Language: Session 1 (PPT)
Using the Target Language: Session 2 (PPT)
H1 Why is TL important? (pdf)
H2 Benefits and Challenges (pdf)
H3 SOTB Classroom talk (pdf)
H4 What can we use the TL for? (pdf)
H5 Teacher Self-Evaluation Questionnaire (pdf)
H6 Classroom Language Mat (pdf)
Hub and spokes classroom language Spanish (PPT)
Hub and spokes classroom language Spanish Cards (PPT)
Spanish Phonics (PPT)

Target Language presentation (PPT)
Handout: self-assessment (PPT)
Handout: Target Language (PPT)
Handout: Target Language plan (PPT)


Day 2

TSST Day 2


Planning: Introduction (PPT)
Planning Spanish lessons: Session 1 (PPT)
Planning Spanish lessons: Session 2 (PPT)
Planning Games (PPT)
Day 2 Handouts (PPT)
KS3 Spanish Grammar Progression Chart (pdf)
Lesson planning guide (pdf)

HQ language lessons Group 1 (PPT)
Language Handout (PPT)


Day 3

TSST Day 3


Day 3 Grammar (PPT)
Grammar Handout 1 (PPT)
Grammar Handout 2 (PPT)

Teaching Spanish Grammar - Overview (PPT)
Grammar Session 2.1: Ser & estar (PPT)
Grammar Session 2.2: Los verbos reflexivos (PPT)
Grammar Session 2.3: El imperativo (PPT)
Day 3 Handouts (PPT)


Day 4

TSST Day 4


Day 4: Differentiation (PPT)


Day 5

TSST Day 4


Day 5: ICT (PPT)
PowerPoint 2013 - Booklet (pdf)
Files for PPT session (zipped folder)

SMARTboard booklet (pdf)
SMARTboard session (.notebook file)
Afternoon session (PPT)
List of Apps (Word)


Day 6

TSST Day 4


Day 6: Authentic materials (PPT)
Handouts (pdf)
Reading and listening (pdf)
Lesson planning ideas (pdf)