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Year 9 Spanish Resources

The Scheme of Work and resources for Year 7 Spanish on this site are inspired by a CLIL approach to language teaching.  More recently I have been involved in hosting a series of CLIL training sessions at my school for schools in the Eastern region.  As a further development we are now teaching this SOW to Year 9 Spanish classes. It is still a work in progress, although it was taught through in its entirety in 2011-12. Thank you to Maria Collado for proof-reading and also for her excellent media resources which have been incorporated and adapted for part of term 2 of the SOW.

Year 9 Spanish Overview and Scheme of Work documents

Year 9 Spanish Scheme of Work Overview (single linguists)
Year 9 Spanish Scheme of Work Overview (dual linguists)
Scheme of Work
Year 9 Spanish Tick Grid
Year 9 Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar Guide PPT 2003 version
Year 9 Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar Guide PPT 2010 version


Autumn Term
Agua y Pan (Bread and Water)

The umbrella theme is very broad and will allow sub-themes focusing on the science of water (its composition, states, the water cycle), issues of water use and shortage in different countries, and the environmental imperative to save water wherever we live.  In the theme of bread we will explore cultural differences in terms of food preferences, the importance of bread for particular festivals (el Día de los Muertos), and as a theme within traditional stories and fairy tales. Practical outcomes from this module will include a video voice over for the water cycle, a Save Water publicity campaign, and an original fairy story involving food (either a short drama or a written story)
Spring Term

We anticipate that this module will include some familiar aspects of this topic, such as types of TV programme, film and watching habits and preferences.  We plan to include also a focus on advertising, with a critical evaluation of the sorts of strategies employed to sell products.  The practical outcome of the whole module will be a the production of a radio broadcast, for which they will compose and record the music in their music lessons, scripting and rehearsing the programme in their language lessons.  Elements of the programme will include a news report, weather forecast, adverts, and a celebrity interview.
Summer Term
El deporte (Paz y Guerra - dual linguists)

For single linguists, this module focuses on sport and the Olympics. Dual linguists complete one half term module on sport and the Olympics and a further half term on the theme of war and peace, using the resources on the film ‘Voces Inocentes’ which centres on the civil war in El Salvador and we will also use authentic materials for this from the Cafod website