Rachel Hawkes

2018 GCSE

Presentations and other materials about the new GCSE, due from 2018


Dartford - Feb 2018

KS3: What are we doing differently? (PPT)
KS4: Practical strategies by skill (PPT)

Exeter - Nov 2017

Keynote (PPT)

GCSE Masterclass - Nov 2017

Keynote (PPT)
Get Real 2017 (PPT)
Writing Skills for GCSE 2017 (PPT)
Writing Handouts (zipped folder)
Y7 Spanish: CANTAR (PPT)
Y9 Deutsch: Fisch und Katze (PPT)
Y11 Intervention Module 1, Session 5 (PPT)

Preston - Oct 2017

1 Vocabulary and Grammar (PPT)
2 Success in the Speaking Exam (PPT)
3_Success in the Writing Exam (PPT)
4 Listening and Reading (PPT)
AQA French GCSE Specification (Word)
AQA German GCSE Specification (Word)
AQA Spanish GCSE Specification (Word)
AQA German Vocabulary List (Excel)
AQA German Verbs List (Excel)
AQA Spanish Vocabulary List (Excel)
AQA Spanish Verbs List (Excel)
AQA Role Play SAMS prompts (French, German, Spanish) (Excel)

The Language Show - Oct 2017

Motivation matters! (PPT)
Speak to me! (PPT)

Bath Spa - July 2017

Bath Spa
Keynote (PPT)
Workshop (PPT)
Speaking handouts (zipped folder)
Writing handouts (zipped folder)

City Heights - July 2017

CityH eights
Keynote (PPT)
Workshop (PPT)

Belfast - June 2017

Session 1: Progression (PPT)
Session 4: New GCSE (PPT)
Authentic Reading and Listening (pdf)

Hackney - June 2017

Session 1: GCSE approaches (PPT)
Session 2: KS3 approaches (PPT)
GCSE Speaking Handouts (PPT)
Writing Handouts (PPT)
Writing Handouts (Q only) (PPT)

Derbyshire - June 2017

Session 1: GCSE approaches (PPT)
Session 2: GCSE Speaking Exam (PPT)
Session 3: GCSE Writing Exam (PPT)
Session 4: GCSE Listening & Reading (PPT)
GCSE Speaking Handouts (PPT)
GCSE Writing Handouts: Spanish (PPT)
GCSE Writing Handouts: French (PPT)

ALL London - June 2017

ALL London
Presentation (PPT)

Somerset - Feb 2017

Keynote (PPT)
El uso de material autÚntico (PPT)
The 3Ps at KS4 (PPT)

Norwich - Dec 2016

Keynote (PPT)
Workshop (PPT)
Writing handouts (zip)
Speaking handouts (zip)

Liverpool - Oct 2016

Speaking Skills (PPT)
Writing Skills (PPT)
Get Real! (PPT)

Secondary Languages Conference - North-West England

Speaking Skills (PPT)
Get Real! (PPT)
Writing Skills (PPT)
Phonics: learning key sounds (pdf)
Presenting new language (pdf)
Memory (pdf)
Listening (pdf)
Classroom Talk (pdf)
Reading (pdf)
Writing (pdf)
Translations (pdf)

Schemes of work - GCSE 2018

Spanish GCSE SOW 2018 (PPT)
Y9 Spanish non-negotiables Higher (Word)
Y9 Spanish non-negotiables Foundation (Word)
Y9 German GCSE Non-negotiables (Word)

Hackney - GCSE 2018

Workshop A (PPT)
Workshop B (PPT)
Workshop A Handouts (Zipped file)
Workshop B Handouts (Zipped file)

The new GCSE 2018: Building best practice

Keynote (PPT)
Writing Skills for GCSE (PPT)
Get Real (PPT)
Writing handouts for Writing at GCSE session (Zipped file)
Reading handouts for Get Real session (Zipped file)

Over Easter 2016 I carried out a full analysis of the latest versions of all new GCSE specifications to inform our choice of awarding body. The views here are my personal ones, based on approximately 5 days of analysis. I haven't written a separate French document, but the conclusions are similar to those for Spanish.

Since I wrote this the OCR specifications have been withdrawn. OCR will no longer offer GCSEs in languages.

Spanish GCSE 2018

Spanish GCSE 2018 - Comparing the Specs and SAMS (PPT)


German GCSE 2018

German GCSE 2018 - Comparing the Specs and SAMS (PPT)


Language World 2016

Language World 2016
Strategies for Spontaneous Speaking (PPT)


Somerset - 12 Feb 2016

Approaches to spontaneous speaking (PPT)
Writing skills for GCSE (PPT)
Speaking Handouts (Zipped file)
Writing Handouts (Zipped file)


Chesterfield - 29 Jan 2016

Approaches to spontaneous speaking (PPT)
Writing skills for GCSE (PPT)
GCSE Listening & Reading (PPT)


ALL GCSE Speaking - 16 Jan 2016

ALL 16 Jan
Presentation (PPT)


Specification change: opportunity - 20 Nov 2015

Presentation (PPT)


Writing Skills for GCSE - 20 Nov 2015

Presentation (PPT)


Approaches to spontaneous speaking - 13 Nov 2015

Presentation (PPT)


Language Show - Oct 2015

Presentation (PPT)


NALA keynote - July 2015

Presentation (PPT)


The New GCSE 2018

New GCSE 2018
Presentation (PPT)
DfE subject guidance (pdf)
DfE conditions and requirements (pdf)