Rachel Hawkes

Curriculum 2008-2013

The freedom to determine content within the nsc has given teachers the opportunity to re-design the languages currciulum with meanings that matter. Every curriculum subject at KS3 is asked to find ways of working together with other subject areas to give learning a more coherent educational experience. The training materials on this page offer some ideas about how this might be done.

Language Show 2010 - Less is more

Less is definitely more
Less is definitely more (pdf)

Cross-curriculum learning

Cross-curriculum learning
Cross-curriculum learning (pdf)
Handout 1 - Skills Brainstorm (pdf)
Handout 2 - Identity and Cultual Diversity PoS (pdf)
Handout 3 - PLTS (pdf)
Handout 4 - CLIL curriculum notes (pdf)
Handout 5 - Cross-curriculum mapping (pdf)
Handout 6 - Action Planning (pdf)
Creativity and Critical Thinking by subject (Word)
Identity and Cultural Diversity by subject (Word)
Secondary Curriculum Key Concepts by Subject (Word)