Rachel Hawkes


Integrating ICT into language teaching and learning

I resisted investing time in making resources for the IWB for several years, believing that PowerPoint could do almost everything an IWB could do, and a lot more besides. I have since become a fan of using the IWB as well as PowerPoint but for different types of task. I now would not want to be without either and try to exploit the features of each for the best possible language learning outcomes.

The IWB sessions here are in Spanish, as they are from some training I delivered in Santander in summer 2010. The guide to PowerPoint can be printed out on A4.

Using the IWB

Using the IWB - Sesiones 1 & 2 (pdf)
Using the IWB - Sesiones 3 & 4 (pdf)
Instrucciones - IWB (pdf)
Enlaces al Internet (pdf)


Using PowerPoint for MFL

Using PowerPoint for MFL
Using PowerPoint 2010 for MFL (PPT)
Using PowerPoint 2010 for MFL (as pdf)
Using PowerPoint 2003 for MFL (pdf)
PowerPoint Session Demonstration 1 (PPT)
PowerPoint Session Demonstration 2 (PPT)