Rachel Hawkes


Transition from primary to secondary school is a very important issue for most secondary languages departments, now more so than ever, given the very mixed, yet significant, primary languages provision in our schools. I recommend visiting the CILT website for some excellent work on transition and using the KS2 and renewed KS3 frameworks when planning for transition.

Surrey - June 2015

Good to talk
Good to talk - Keynote (PPT)
Sample baseline assessment - Spanish (PPT)
Yr 7 Languages investigation baseline (Word)



Creative Approaches to Transition

Creative Approaches To Transition
This presentation was a 2-hr twilight session for Sussex ALL in 2011 looking at creative ways of achieving effective transition between KS2 and KS3.
Creative Approaches to Transition (pdf)

Maximising Learner Progress KS2-KS3

Maximising Learner Progress KS2-KS3
This presentation is one I prepared to give at The Language Show in 2009, but which was never given due to swine flu! It doesn't look at specific transition projects but is an attempt to look at key teaching strands and their progression from KS2 into Y7.
Maximising Learner Progress KS2-KS3 (pdf)