LDP Resources 2.0

These KS3 resources are revised versions of those created by the original NCELP team between 2019 and 2022. The purpose of these revisions is three-fold: first, to respond to further teacher feedback (from teachers with extensive and more recent experience of using the resources); second, to carry out proposed changes identified by the original resource creators themselves; and third, to undertake revisions that support alignment with the recently established new GCSE Subject Content (finalised in 2022) and approved specifications and word lists (approved in 2023).

It is important to re-state that neither the original nor this revised version of these resources is intended to provide a ‘one size fits all’ set of materials for the classroom. Just as teachers would not teach ‘identikit’ lessons from a textbook, they will want to adapt these to respond to the needs of their cohort, the timing and distribution of their lessons, their school assessment schedules, and their own teaching expertise and preferences.

It is hoped, though, that teachers may find these revised versions useful as a starting point for curriculum planning and teaching as they (and their accompanying SOW) align fully with the principles of the pedagogy review, the National Curriculum objectives, the Ofsted research review for languages, and the new GCSE for first teaching Autumn 2024, and first examination Summer 2026.

In addition to ongoing feedback received since 2019, I consulted key users of the SOW and resources, including a small focus group of teachers from the Language-Driven Pedagogy (LDP) Facebook groups who responded to the invitation to review, after having used the SOW for at least one full year in their schools.

This review process culminated in a set of broad principles and concrete actions.

Revisions aim to ensure that the resources:

whilst they retain:

In practice this means:

In addition, I have tried to:

Rachel Hawkes
August 2023