Rachel Hawkes

Yr 3 French Autumn Term

There is a PowerPoint resource for each lesson. In Yr 3 we anticipate that pupils will have a weekly lesson of between 30-40 minutes. Equally important, however, are the few minutes spent every day re-capping the language learnt each week. This is done with the Class 3 teacher. Suggestions for different activities are included in the Resources column.

Teachers adapt these master copies to suit their classes but ensure that they cover the language and skills as shown on the Scheme of Work.

Autumn Term
Week Objective Language (core content) Resources NC PoS ICU Follow up
1 To learn the key phonics vowel words
Les voyelles
Phonics (1) - Focus on single vowel sounds.
a-e-i-e-u (y)
la banane, le cheval, à midi, le coco, l'univers
Lesson 1
Lesson 1 (with audio)
L1, L2, S1(a)
Sing the song and say the key phrases during the week (e.g. at the start/end of the day)
To learn basic greetings and giving your name .
Voyelles + dipthongues on / ou / au / oi / ui
Salut / Bonjour / Au revoir
Comment t'appelles tu?
(What do you call yourself?)
Je m'appelle... (I call myself)
ça va? (How's it going?)
oui / non
fantastique/super (great) très bien merci (very well, thanks) pas mal, merci (not bad, thank you), ça ne va pas (badly)
Lesson 2
Lesson 2 (with audio)
L1, S1 (a, c) Some typical French first names Practise and perform the dialogue with a variety of names, choosing responses that rhyme
To understand and recall orally the numbers 1-12.
Sounds un / eu / oi / in / ui / on / ou
Numbers 1-12
Lesson 3
Lesson 3 (with audio)
L1, R1, R3 A French counting rhyme
A French counting song
To practise all new phonics sounds Phonics (2)
eu / oi / au / ui / ou / on / in
Lesson 4
Lesson 4 (with audio)
    phonics cards to play games
To ask how old someone is and give own age 1-10 and giving age
Quel âge as-tu? (How old are you?)
J'ai ... ans (I am ... years old)
Lesson 5
Lesson 5 (with audio)
S1 (a), S2, G4    
To learn classroom instructions (introduction to the 'é' sound in -ez commands) Asseyez-vous, Sortez vos affaires, Regardez, Écoutez, Répetez, Répondez, Levez la main, Dessinez, Écrivez, Rangez vos affaires, Silence! Levez-vous Lesson 6
Lesson 6 (with audio)
    Instructions song
To learn new key phonics sounds words - the 'é' (-er, -ez, et, é) Phonics (3)
é / er / ez / et
è / ê / ai / ei
ch / th / en, an / un
Lesson 7
Lesson 7 (with audio)
L1, L2   phonics cards to play games
1 To practise and embed the phonics knowledge
2 To use the question 'As-tu?(Do you have?) in a game
Phonics cards
As-tu? (Do you have?)
Oui, j'ai... (Yes, I do have.)
Non, je n'ai pas.... (No, I don't have.)
Lesson 8 S1 (a), S2, L1, G4 3 x tongue twisters
comptine - C'est demain jeudi
phonics cards to play games
To learn the nouns for items in a pencil case Pencil case
une trousse (a pencil case)
un stylo (a pen)
un crayon ( a pencil)
un taille-crayon (a sharpener)
une baton de colle ( a glue stick)
une règle (a ruler)
une gomme (a rubber)
les/des feutres (felt-tip pens)
les/des ciseaux (scissors)
Lesson 9
Lesson 9 (with audio)
L1, L2, R1, R3, G1    
1 To embed the pencil case nouns
2 To ask 'Do you have a..?' and respond
Pencil case
As tu un/une...?(Do you have a?)
Oui, Non (Yes, No)
Lesson 10
Lesson 10 (with audio)
S1(a), G1, G4    
To ask 'What do you have in your pencil case?' and respond Pencil case
Qu'est-ce que tu as dans ta trousse? (What do you have in your pencil case?)
Dans ma trousse j'ai... (In my pencil case I have...)
Lesson 11
Lesson 11 (with audio)
S1(a), S2, G1, G4    
To practise and learn more phonics Phonics [4] Lesson 12
Lesson 12 (with audio)
L1, L2, R3    
To learn some key facts about Christmas in France and make a Christmas card. Noel
Practise reading / matching sounds in writing
Find out more about French customs at Christmas
Make your own Christmas card
Lesson 13
Lesson 13 (with audio)
R3 Learn about Christmas customs in France / Comptine about Christmas presents to complete Lesson 13a
To learn a French Christmas song Vive le vent Lesson 13b L1, L2 Learn a French Christmas song