Rachel Hawkes

Yr 3 Spanish Summer Term

There is a PowerPoint resource for each lesson. In Yr 3 we anticipate that pupils will have a weekly lesson of between 30-40 minutes. Equally important, however, are the few minutes spent every day re-capping the language learnt each week. This is done with the Class 3 teacher. Suggestions for different activities are being added to this Scheme of Work and will appear soon.

Teachers adapt these master copies to suit their classes but ensure that they cover the language and skills as shown on the Scheme of Work. Where other resources are also used, these are listed in the resources column.

Summer Term
Week Objective(s) Language (core content) Resource(s) NC PoS ICU Follow up
1 To learn nouns for different fruit La oruga hambrienta (hungry caterpillar) - la fruta
una manzana / las manzanas
una pera / las peras
una ciruela / las ciruelas
una fresa / las fresas
una naranja / las naranjas
Lesson 23 L1, L2, R1, R3, G1, G2   Y3 booklet
1 To learn the names of the days of the week Days of the week - sign language gestures
los días de la semana - lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo
Lesson 24 L1, L2, R1, R3    
1 To learn food nouns from the Hungry Caterpillar story Food from the story
un trozo de pastel de chocolate
un pepino
un helado
una loncha de queso
una rodaja de salchichón
una piruela
una porción de tarta de frutas
una salchicha
una magdalena
un trozo de sandía
Lesson 25      
1 To consolidate the new language from lessons 1,2,3 Food from the story Lesson 26      
1 To listen to and understand a Spanish story Video of the story - ordering the text Lesson 27
27a story text
L1, R1, R2, R4    
1 To develop confidence and memory by retelling the HC story Re-telling the story Lesson 28
Lesson 28a
L1, S3, R2, R3,    
1 To develop confidence and memory by retelling the HC story Re-telling the story Lesson 29
Lesson 29a
L1, S3, R2, R3,    
1 To use knowledge of colours to create a butterfly Making a butterfly Lesson 30
Lesson 30a
1 To learn some words for snacks Snack foods
una ensalada (a salad), una hamburguesa (a hamburger), una limonada (a lemonade), una fruta (a fruit), unas patatas fritas (some chips), un perrito caliente (a hot dog), un helado (an ice cream), un zumo (a juice), un bocadillo (a sandwich)
Lesson 31 L1, L2, R1, R3,    
1 To ask 'What do you want?' and respond 'I want' Ordering food in a café
¿Qué quieres? (What do you want?)
Quiero un / una…(I want a )
Por favor (please)
Gracias (thank you)
De nada (you're welcome)
Lesson 32 S1(a), S2, G4    
1 To ask / answer from memory In a café - role plays
(Language as above)
Lesson 33 S1(a), S2, G4    
1 To write individual words from memory Display - favourite snacks on plates Lesson 34 W1