Rachel Hawkes

KS2 French 2021

Y5 and Y6 French

This is a new primary scheme of work (including resources) created for Cam Trust schools, and is available for any teachers to download, adapt and use.

The lesson materials were created by Paula Vázquez-Valero, SLE at Comberton Village College. Artwork is by Steve Clarke. All additional pictures selected are available under a Creative Commons license, no attribution required.

I include here the SOW document (Excel) and other support material. (We will have SOW, primary languages policy doc, and eventually a language guide booklet).

The overall curriculum plan for KS2 Spanish has the following structure:

Here is a termly overview of the contexts for learning, the phonics, vocabulary and structures we teach. Follow the term links (Autumn, Spring, Summer) to get to the lesson resources.

Links will become 'live' as the materials become available.

Note: The previous KS2 Spanish SOW and resources will remain on the site.

Material will be uploaded soon.